About us

We produce superlative textiles using linen, one of the oldest raw materials in the world.

We aim to bring excellence to linen lovers by weaving timeless fabrics infused with quality and a centuries-old culture.


We believe in the trinity of research, art and culture, absorbing the spirit of our time and translating it into the art of linen. We support cultural engagement, promoting a one-of-a-kind corporate and product style.


The quality of craft is our mantra. We let excellence speak for itself, having accomplished incredible achievements thanks to the savoir-faire of our skilful hands. We are always dedicated to creating something better with our very own touch.


Our fervid imagination is what makes us innovative, even if we are almost 150 years old. We keep on experimenting like artists, weaving like alchemists, dyeing like painters, and blending raw fabrics with the most refined materials—seeking the new and the rule-breaking.

We are ecletic.

Over the years, we have developed a unique and distinctive stylistic language resulting from savoir-faire stemming from meticulous research and a careful study of artistic and cultural movements.

We are refined.

We reinterpret our way of being—our heritage, our culture—to give shape to products permeated with alluring sophistication: a timeless style that we are proud to own.

We are experimental.

As pioneers and innovators, experimentation is infused in our DNA, always looking for new techniques to tell unique stories. As a result, our fervent imagination has crossed the Ocean, blooming in ateliers worldwide.