The finest yarn

A careful selection of the very finest lots of prized European linen is the exceptional raw material which is spun into the world's finest industrially produced linen yarn for tailoring fabrics, with a yarn count of 110,000 (this means that 1 kg of yarn unwinds for about 110 km, about the same distance as a return trip through the Channel tunnel).

To appreciate how fine this really is, in the linen industry yarn with a count of 54,000 is usually considered extremely fine.

World class linen

The spinning technique used has been meticulously developed by Solbiati's experts, deploying the brand's unique know-how and determination to enable this incredibly fine yarn to be woven into fabric - both in the weft but above all in the warp.

A second skin

The resulting fabric weighs only 120 GLM (150 cm wide) and is exceptionally fine and breathable, while also being compact and durable. A special treatment with aloe vera makes it even more enveloping, a pleasure to wear. Almost gossamer fine and soft to the touch, it is perfect for making ultra-light shirts that wear like a second skin.



Prodige is made with European flax, the finest in the world. It comes from Northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands, where the rainy and windy climate provides the ideal conditions for growing the plant.


The European soil, the preferred source of Solbiati flax, is endowed with sufficient resources to nourish the flax plant, which only requires a minimal amount of fertiliser, no chemical treatments and no irrigation other than rainwater.